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Has anyone been able to connect their company's Amazon Business Prime American Express card to expensify through the import card feature? I've tried getting help from concierge, and other than "Sorry, not working, maybe try again later", they haven't been much help. Just curious if anyone successfully connected this card - if they have any tips and which american express connection they used. Thanks in advance!


  • Sophie_Pinto
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    Hey @MarkD123, welcome!

    The easiest way to figure out if Expensify has a direct connection to your bank is to head to Settings > Account > Credit Card Import and click Import Card/Bank (or Domains > Company Cards for company cards). From there, search for your bank in the search box. From there, are you seeing the connection for this specific (Business Prime) card show up?

    If not, and these are company cards, it's possible that you might be able to obtain a commercial feed directly from your bank.  Different feed types are used for American Express Corporate Cards, MasterCards, and VISA cards.  Please see the following links for more details.

    Set up an American Express commercial feed

    Let me know if you have any other questions!