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We need to start tracking air travel with additional data: departure airport, arrival airport, and distance traveled. Is this something that I could add to our airfare expense type or would I have to add a custom list on my accounting system to get the field to come up on expenses? My concern with doing the latter is that it will always be there, even if the expense someone is putting in isn't airfare.

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  • Amanda DeWitt
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    Hey @AnaquaKP!

    There isn't currently a way to add additional fields to the expense line item beyond multi-level tags which wouldn't work well for what you are looking to do. That being said, I'd recommend creating a separate policy just for Air Travel use. This way you can set up Report Fields for these data points that would encompass all expenses on that particular report.

    These Report Fields would populate at the top of each report created under this separate policy. Employees can then enter the information necessary there. The only downside is that these fields encompass the entire report. So you wouldn't be able to have multiple expenses from different trips on the same report.

    Would that work for you?