Option to stop flogging Expensify Card to our users

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Hi there,

I get that the Expensify Card is awesome and all, but we're just not ready for it at this time. It would be great if we had a policy-level option to turn off badgering our users about it. They're being prompted to beg for a card on the web app, the mobile app, and by email.

Would anyone else here like the ability to disable all that noise for their users?



  • Amanda DeWitt
    Amanda DeWitt Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 83 Expensify Team

    Hey @maasj!

    Everyone can disable email notifications for the card by heading to Settings > Account > Preferences > Contact Preferences and unchecking “Relevant feature updates and Expensify news”.

    Admins can hide the Inbox task regarding applying for the card. While Employees can hide the Inbox task to ask their admins for a card by clicking the "I'll ask them in person" option.

    Check out this other thread for more information and discussion on the Expensify Card and the notifications that are sent!

  • maasj
    maasj Expensify Customer Posts: 29 Expensify Aficionado

    Oh dang...that other thread you pointed me at is impressive. Apparently I'm not the only one that wants Expensify to stop flogging their card to the users I admin/support. And Expensify's responses in that thread are pretty tone deaf.

    It's pretty clear to me that you have a whole class of customers that are companies, not end users. And the free-wheeling early days method of convincing low-level employees to beg their company to start using Expensify is *not helpful* to that class of customers. In fact, it's distasteful and bothersome to those customers. We're paying Expensify in order to make our lives easier, not harder. Don't screw up job #1, Expensify.

    I hope that someone high up at Expensify is paying attention and learning a lesson...

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