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Edit Multiple Transactions at Once

FureyGroup Expensify Customer Posts: 1

On a weekly basis, I go through my list of expenses and assign them to reports or delete them. It would be great if I could do this for multiple transactions at once.

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  • Karisa Latta
    Karisa Latta Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 144 Expensify Team
    edited January 2020

    Hey @FureyGroup !

    Don't forget to vote for your own idea by clicking the small up arrow in the voting box!

    I have a few suggestions that might help you out!

    Improving Current Process:

    If you're on our website, you can utilize the checkboxes to the left of each expense. Checkmark as many as you'd like and chose Add To Report or Delete (trashcan).

    You can also use the Add Expenses (green plus) icon directly within a report to open a dialog that lets you add expenses to the report with one click.

    On the mobile, the fastest way to add many expenses to a report is to open the desired report and click the Add Expenses button at the top. It's still a few taps to complete the process, but it is faster than using the Edit Expense modal. The fastest way to delete expenses on the mobile is from the Expenses list - just swipe left!

    Automating Current Process:

    Check out Scheduled Submit! If you need the chance to final review reports before they are submitted or closed, just use the "Manually" schedule option. This setup will make a new report for you each time you have no current open report and you upload new expenses.

    Scheduled Submit for Individual Policies

    Scheduled Submit for Group Policies

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have more questions.