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Expensify Roadmap - Single shared document - With ability to add requests with voting options.

cparsonscparsons Expensify Customer Posts: 30 Expensify Newcomer

If Expensify could share their roadmap with users being able to add items to if for suggestions with a voting function this would be beneficial in one single place. I think the community pages fail here, as the same topics gets mentioned over and over again and voted for in different places, so I can imagine its very difficult for Expensify to keep track of the total number of votes for any product development. So maybe sharing a document would be the way forward. Maybe something to think about how that could work. Maybe a google docs document with a link from the community pages would work.

There could also be updates on what is being released when and maybe the option whether all all users need communications regarding it or the option to turn off the notifications for the likes of the Expensify Credit Card if admin decide they will not be taking Expensify up on the offer of the card.

Can this be given some thought? It may save everyone lots of time and improve the community experience.

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We're working on it.


  • Rachael HopkinsRachael Hopkins Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 810 Expensify Team

    Hi @cparsons you are very right. I am in the midst of going through every single Idea (yes, all 900 of them) so that I can consolidate everything and also update statuses.

    We are actually working on something new, but it may take time. It definitely won't be a document, it will be far more elaborate.

    In the meantime, we will have a new process internally to ensure we stay on top of duplicates and statuses a lot more effectively on the community. More scrutinising Ideas, and more stopping duplicates before they happen!

    When we started with this Community we would get just a few new Ideas per week. Now we have a pile of new Ideas every day! It has increased exponentially in the past 6 months, and I am determined to tame it.

    Expensify moves faster than any software company I have ever worked for, and even the glacial companies' roadmaps were permanently out of date, so I'm not sure we would ever put one out in quite the form you are requesting. But... you can filter the Ideas by status, and we are going to get much better at using this. At any point, we are juggling a lot of new features and improvements, and to be completely honest, we can't be fully transparent too far in advance for a number of reasons including the potential for changing solutions, changing timelines, competitive advantage etc etc.

    Expensify has millions of active users each month and this Community added 1400 new users last month alone, so we need something far more robust than a shared doc unfortunately. But you are right, we need something and we're working on planning out what that is.

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