Expensify Community 2019 Recap

Zany Renney
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Wow, it seems like 2019 (and the whole decade!) went by in a flash. To kick off the new year, the Expensify team would like to thank you for all your continued support and take a look back on what we accomplished together.

We worked super hard last year to keep improving Expensify for our customers, with a number of upgraded features as well as brand new ones, most notably: The Expensify Card!

Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest product developments of 2019. 

  • The Expensify Card
  • Upgraded Banking Connections 
  • An update to our Distance feature with Tax Tracking
  • Category Default Tax
  • Updates and streamlined account creation for Domains
  • The ability to share photos from your iOS devices with Expensify
  • A new homepage to access Expensify 

Introducing: The Expensify Card

This year, we released the smartest corporate card in the world. With Daily Settlement, the Expensify Card only lets employees spend money that’s already in your bank account. No more worrying about getting a supersized bill at the end of the month because your organisation’s finances are up-to-date, every day.

The Expensify Card offers IRS-guaranteed eReceipts for all but the largest of purchases, which means your employees rarely need to SmartScan a receipt. We created an even more automated experience with the transactions appearing instantly in the Expensify app.

Real-time policy compliance means every time a user swipes the Expensify Card, they get a notification letting them know if they need to scan a receipt or add expense details. Now expense reports can be completed in just one swipe, all while continuously reconciling your expenses!

Upgraded Banking Connections 

This year, as part of the ExpensifyApproved! Banks program, we upgraded our card feed connections with a new API to provide a more reliable connection for our users. This has helped us to make troubleshooting and reconnecting much easier. As a reminder, the approved bank connections are: 

Look out for other Approved! Connections coming in 2020. 

An upgrade to the Distance Feature with Tax Tracking

We announced two updates to our Distance feature - multiple mileage rates in a single policy, and tax tracking on distance expenses. 

For more information about how to set up multiple mileage rates or tax tracking, check out the Community Posts attached.

New feature - Category tax!

For customers that need to apply different tax rates to different types of spend, we created our new Category Tax feature. This means more accurate tax tracking and less manual checking for you and your employees. Employees and approvers can change the default tax rate and amount applied to an expense.  Expenses with a non-default tax rate or amount will be highlighted to reviewers.

In order to set this up, check out the steps in the Community post here!

Updates to our Domain feature

We eliminated a hurdle in customer onboarding so that the Company Card feature is accessible to more users, regardless of if their Domain is verified or not. This enables customers to set up Expensify even more efficiently!

You can read more about what Domains are and how to use them in this Community Post.

Sharing photos from your iOS devices with Expensify!

We released the ability to share photos from Apple devices with Expensify in just a few clicks. This feature is similar to how users might share photos from your mobile via Instagram and other apps, but after this release customers became able to see the Expensify app listed as one of the options to share your photos (receipts).

A single gateway to access Expensify 

In 2019, our homepage got a makeover and became more streamlined. This created a single gateway to access Expensify regardless of whether you’re a first-time or long-time user. As part of this change, we retired the old sign-in page and enabled Google Authentication!

There’s still loads more exciting updates to come, but we know that 2019 was a step in the right direction. We couldn’t invest in improving Expensify at this rate if it weren’t for our wonderful customers and community!

A year in numbers

This year, we added a whopping 10,600 new members to the Community and answered 2,590 questions from customers. 

You spoke, we listened! We took on 6 customer-proposed ideas from the Idea's Section, with one example being the ability to import company cards via CSV in Domain Control, which is in the final stages of testing and due to go live soon. Thank you for all your suggestions!

As always, we are looking forward to an amazing 2020 with many more improvements to come.

Happy Expensifying!

P.S. The improvements above are just some highlights of the changes we made this year. For a full list, please take a look here.