USAA direct integration, please!

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Anybody else dealing with an unhelpful Expensify support staff when asked why USAA was suddenly disconnected and removed from the list of direct connection banks?

They said that USAA changed their API so Expensify decided they couldn’t bother to update their code to work with the new API, so they just disconnected any USAA accounts.

The worst thing is, they didn’t send out a notification they were going to do this, no warning on the website, only a cryptic error message, and the USAA button is still there on the webpage.

Talk about shitty all around.

So what’s a better alternative to Expensify? An app that doesn’t selectively delete available banks because they no longer feel like supporting them.

I also use Quickbooks Online. Should I just use their app directly?


  • Julia
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    Let me know if you find any good expense options. I'm annoyed with their support as well. I've been following up on an ongoing issue since August, and was basically told today that unless they have enough impacted users reporting the same issue, it won't get addressed by the engineers.

  • Christina Dobryzynski
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    Hi @J_Hi and @Julia, thanks for reaching out about this in the Expensify Community!

    As you mentioned (and, @J_Hi, per the conversations you are currently having with my team at, the USAA API has changed and therefore Expensify is no longer able to directly connect to it.

    At this time, it is an option to import USAA transactions into Expensify through our spreadsheet import method

    @Julia, you're on the right track - I've changed this into an Idea post to gather demand for a direct integration with USAA!

    Don't forget to vote on it!

  • J_Hi
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    Hi Christina, Thanks for your reply. I just don't understand if you coded for the USAA API the first time, and it was working fine, why can't you just code for the new API, too? Expensify should be not only adding more bank APIs all the time, but also retaining and maintaining existing ones.

    And you gotta admit that giving us no warning or even admitting to dropping them so we could plan accordingly, and then just letting us find out by accident when we log into our accounts is really poor communication and a failure to manage customer expectations. Leaving the USAA button on there when it was already broken was just the cherry on top of the disrespect sundae.

  • Brigid  Bello
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    Hey @J_Hi

    We understand that not having a direct connection to your credit card's information can be frustrating. Unfortunately there's an endless number of banks out there and a seemingly endless number of connection options, but only so many resources; as a result, we generally focus on bank connections that serve the largest portion of our user base.

    If your company is eligible, Commercial Feeds can be a great, reliable, option. If you have a corporate or commercial card account, then you may be able to access a daily transaction feed where expenses are sent to Expensify by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. You can contact your banking relationship manager to see if your card program is eligible.

    You might also want to consider switching to one of our recommended credit card connections. Here’s the list of cards/banks we recommend:

    These are the most reliable API connections available in Expensify.

  • CatP
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    I need integration with USAA to use this app effectively. On trial basis now.

  • Kadie Alexander
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    Thanks to everyone who has left their feedback about this Idea. Please don't forget to Upvote the idea, as this allows us to gauge overall interest in having the feature developed. Currently, this idea has 0 upvotes!