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Please send me the steps for reporting expenses after I take a picture of them. I cant seem to add them to a report.


  • Christina Dobryzynski
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    Welcome to the Expensify Community, @Lisbeth! Jumping directly to your question to make sure I don't miss anything,

    'Please send me the steps for reporting expenses after I take a picture of them.'

    Big picture: Once you've SmartScanned a receipt on the mobile app, Expensify will create an expense out of the details in the receipt. After the expense is created you can follow the steps in the support article Julia provided (you're a rock star, @Julia, thank you for helping!) to add the expense to a report.

    I see you're new to Expensify so I'd love to help you learn about your Expensify account and what to setup!

    First, I highly recommend taking a moment to read through this support article about getting started as a submitter.

    At the bottom of the support page you'll see a super helpful prerecorded Employee/user training webinar about setting up your account.

    Once you've watched the webinar, there's one important feature I highly recommend setting up in your Expensify account - Scheduled Submit!

    Scheduled Submit has two main functions: 

    • Automatically adds SmartScanned receipts (aka expenses) to a report.
    • Automatically submits reports based on selected timing within the policy settings (unless you set it to Manually then reports will not be automatically submitted).

    Scheduled Submit can be configured via the web app at: 

    • Settings Policies Individual > [Personal Policy Name] > Reports Scheduled Submit 

    Phew! Lots of information, let's stop there for now!

    If you have any questions about getting setup, please feel free to reach out to us here in the Community, contact us in the Expensify app, or email us at