Exporting Expense report directly to Excel file instead of Email link

Neethi Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Hello Team,

I was able to download expensify reports directly into an excel file. However, it is now coming in the form of an email link.

Is there any way to be able to export as excel files directky from the Expensify account and how did this change happen?

Thank you




  • Julia
    Julia Expensify Customer Posts: 164 Expensify Pro

    How do you usually export them? Is this a recent change for you, or are you trying to figure out how you may have gotten them as a file in the past?

    For me, when I choose the export options, if I select anything with the green arrow in front of it, it will come to me via email as an integration report.

    If I select one of my custom CSV exports, it will automatically download into a file instead. Hoping that helps some.

  • Katie Oswalt
    Katie Oswalt Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 170 Expensify Team
    edited February 2020

    Hi, @Neethi ! @Julia is absolutely correct here. There are 3 different types of export templates in Expensify:

    • Integrations templates, which are built by the Expensify team when specifically requested for a particular type of report. This is run over our servers (which allows more data to be extracted without crashing your browser). These are denoted by the green arrow icons
    • Policy level templates, which are created by any policy admin and can be used by any policy admin. These live and are built under Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy name] > Export formats. These are denoted without an icon and with the policy name listed underneath the title, and will be downloaded straight to your computer when run.
    • Personal templates, which exist only in the user account. These can be created under Settings > Account > Preferences. These are denoted by the purple CSV icon and will be downloaded straight to your computer when run.

    Is it possible you are selecting a report that differs from the normal one you'd use, which is why you are seeing a different behavior for the way the data is delivered to you?