Using Expensify (BCG Candidate Edition)

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Notice: Documentation is written and maintained by Expensify.

Welcome to Expensify, BCG’s candidate expense reporting system!

It's really pretty simple: To get started, simply download the Expensify mobile app and take pictures of your receipts using SmartScan technology. When you take a picture of a receipt, we'll read it and create an expense for you. 

Once you've taken pictures of all your receipts and are done interviewing, simply go to the reports section and submit your report! If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to your talent coordinator or use the Expensify in-app chat to talk to Expensify directly.

For a more detailed look, refer to the in depth instructions below and check the FAQ at the bottom of this page:

Step 1: Download the Mobile Application 

Expensify is supported on iOS and Android devices. Click here for a short video on our mobile application. 

Step 2: SmartScan expenses as you incur them

There are two options for SmartScanning your receipts into Expensify. You can either use the app to snap a picture OR forward them in email to

1. Snap a picture using our mobile app by tapping the green camera button:

2. Forward an email receipt to

Once you upload a receipt, SmartScan will read it and create an expense for you, adding it onto your expense report automatically. If we need any further info, we'll send you a push notification.

Step 3: Using the Inbox

Each time you log into Expensify you will be brought to our Inbox tab. You'll interact with the inbox throughout your interview to setup your reimbursement account, check and fix any issues with your expenses and submit your expense report when you're ready. 

Step 4: Ready to Submit? 

When you've SmartScanned all the expenses from your interview and you're ready to get paid back, open up the mobile app or login to the web app, go to the reports page to select your open report and tap submit! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: "What if I'm already using Expensify with my current employer?"

A: No problem! You can either use a separate account (i.e. your personal email address) or the same account you typically use without any issue. When you're invited to the policy from a separate organization, neither organizations' admins can see you have access to the other policy. 

If you're using your personal/non-employer email address:

Feel free to ignore this entire answer.

If you'll be using your email address from your current employer:

Create a report in your Expensify account and set the Report Policy to 'BCG Candidates - AMERICAS REGION’. To keep your transactions for your interview segregated, just make sure you're adding them to the report on the BCG policy. You can move an expense to a separate report by tapping it on mobile and selecting the target report or clicking edit on web and selecting the target report. 

P.S. If you submitted something by mistake to either policy, you can retract your report and correct it from mobile or web by opening the report and tapping/clicking 'Retract'.

Q: I’m receiving many emails from Expensify. How do I change my email notification settings?

A: To edit your email preferences or unsubscribe from email communication, you'll want to head to the Expensify website. Head to Settings > Your Account > Preferences and scroll to the Email Preferences section. Uncheck the given box to opt out of a given type of email.

Q: What do the different Report States mean?

A: Report states help you understand the status of your report, the permissions each user has, and which actions are permitted at any given moment. Here’s an overview of the different report states you may encounter in Expensify:

  • Open: A report that has just been created and never submitted. The report creator has full control to edit the report.
  • Open (retracted): A report that was submitted but later retracted by the report creator. In an Open (retracted) state, the report creator can edit the report and still re-submit.
  • Open (rejected): A report that was submitted and then rejected by the report approver. Reports in this state can be edited by the report creator before re-submission.
  • Processing: A report that has been submitted, and is moving through an approval chain. The report creator has read access to the report, and can retract it before approval for further editing. Approvers can edit the report title or expense details, as well as reject or approve the report.
  • Approved (reimbursement pending): A report that has been reimbursed through ACH or PayPal, with the reimbursement in pending status waiting for a deposit ACH or PayPal account to be added to complete the reimbursement.
  • Reimbursed: A report that has been submitted, final approved, and marked as manually reimbursed. The report creator can then confirm that the reimbursement has been received outside of Expensify.
  • Reimbursed (withdrawing): A report that has been reimbursed through ACH or PayPal, with the reimbursement in transit or pending bank approval.
  • Reimbursed (confirmed): A report that has been reimbursed through ACH or PayPal, with the reimbursement confirmed to have reached its destination. This status may also appear when the report creator has received a manual reimbursement (such as a check) and the approver has marked the report as reimbursed (with the report creator confirming receipt of the reimbursement).