Expenses entered in Items menu and not expenses

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Is there a workable solution to syncing expense data into the Items Bill menu instead of the Expenses menu?

We currently use Crystal reporting to invoice our clients. Currently Expensify imports into the Expense Menu - Bill. This forces us to "group" all expenses when we invoice with Crystal Reporting. Our solution has been to use the items menu to enter all project related expenses. This method allows us to call up expenses individually in Crystal reports giving us the ability to manipulate them individually.

Your help and ideas are greatly appreciated.


  • Christina Dobryzynski
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    Hi @YBS - thanks for reaching out in the Expensify Community about the changes you'd like to make! The Community is a fantastic place to receive suggestions from Expensify customers who use Expensify in a variety of ways. The caveat is it's also an open forum for anyone to view this conversation so we try to limit the amount of private details shared here.

    Based on what you're describing, I think I'll need some examples (i.e. screenshots) of what you are seeing and what you'd like to change.

    If you feel comfortable sharing these examples (with private information omitted) in the Community forum, please feel free to upload the images to this conversation. 

    If you don't feel comfortable sharing the examples in this forum, will you please send the screenshots to me at concierge@expensify.com so I can help you?