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I have set up a new domain group called Terminated Employees - but to keep these people separate from the main policy, I need to set up a new policy. When I go to do this it asks me to choose a charge

I want to clarify, that if I move ex-employees to the this domain that there will be no monthly charges for them. (they do not transact)

Thank you



  • Matt Moore
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    Hey @Jude,

    Thanks for posting this. As we bill for active users it's important to know what qualifies as activity.

    Expensify defines an active user as anyone that been active (i.e. chatted, created, submitted, approved, exported reports, etc.) on a Policy in a given month. Copilots taking report actions on behalf of another user are counted as separate actors. This means the Copilot is an active user in addition to the people whose Expensify accounts they are operating.

    If these users have left the company and don't make up part of your Subscription Size, then you'll need to adjust your Subscription Size down to the correct number so you aren't billed for the seats. This can be found by heading to Settings > Policies > Group Subscriptions.

    That's a general rule, but if you can be more specific we can dig in a little deeper here. Do you have an Annual Subscription with Expensify?



  • Jude
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    Hi Matt

    Thank you

    No we don't have an annual subscription with Expensify as we have more than 11 active users.



  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @Jude, thanks for the info. I took a closer look and see you have an Annual Subscription for 11 active users. This means each month you will be charged a minimum of A$15 x 11, and the first 11 people active on any of the policies you own will fill up the seats of the Annual Subscription.

    If the individuals you want to move to the new domain are not part of the 11 active users you expect to have each month, then your bill will not go up. A user is only considered active if they chat, create, edit, submit, approve, export or reimburse reports tied to the company policy. If a user took any of those actions, then they'd count towards the 11 seats your Annual Subscription provides, if they didn't, then they wouldn't show up on your bill.

    Does that make a bit more sense? If not, let me know any lingering questions you have and I'll be delighted to help.