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One Master User/Employee List

evgeniya_aevgeniya_a Expensify Customer Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer

I would love to have one master centre with a list of All employees across All policies and All domains, showing what access they have, what policies they belong to, etc.

We have about 9 different policies with their own sets of rules, etc., so deleting people goes like this: check every single policy to see if a person is on that policy and remove access, then go to domain control and delete them from there as well. Wow.. painful. Adding people (yes, we do it manually for a few reasons) is a similar hassle.

I wish we could go to one place and update that employee record, whether it be removing all access entirely or moving them to a different policy.

Who agrees?☺️

3 votes

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  • Christina DobryzynskiChristina Dobryzynski Expensify Team Posts: 156 Expensify Team

    Hi @evgeniya_a! I love this idea, voted for it! 😊

    We'll keep an eye on the votes for this Idea. The most popular ideas found here are reviewed by the Expensify team and have a real chance of being placed on the roadmap. Thanks for taking the time to post this!

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