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Synching with quickbooks desktop

Boomerangs Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I am trying to import into QB desktop. I have tried communicating through the concierge. I had one response last night that was not very helpful but my questions from 6 hours ago have not been responded to. Please respond ASAP. This has just been an error in the last couple weeks.

There are two windows that seem to open when I run the synch. one says please wait while windows configures the expensify sync manager.

it then pops up a file directory window that says "select the installation package for expensify sync manager"

it seems to be looking for the file AngetUpd

sorry AgentUpd

then it stops with an error in expensify that says: Error, could not post data to quickbooks desktop (the agent responded with an unusable message)


  • Brooklyn
    Brooklyn Expensify Customer Posts: 8

    We are having the same issue, please respond Expensify!!

  • Sheena Trepanier
    Sheena Trepanier Expensify Team, Approved! Accountant, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 1,362 Expensify Team

    Hi @Boomerangs thanks for posting. I see you're making progress in the conversation with Concierge and we last replied a couple days ago. Have you had a chance to take the advice given regarding installing the Sync Manager?

    @Brooklyn, I am unable to find a conversation under your email with Concierge. The best best is to reach out to Concierge and we'll be able to help. Typically when it comes to troubleshooting QBD issues, it's pretty difficult through the Community because we ask for screenshots or information that you wouldn't want to share publicly.

    If you don't want to reach out to Concierge, I would need more information from you about what is happening when you try to connect, sync or export to QuickBooks Desktop. I'd also need to know if you're hosting QBD remotely and any error messages you're receiving. Thanks!