Why Have Our QBO Coding Elections Suddenly Stopped Working?

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We use Expensify integrations to both QBO and Accelo and both have been working as designed. Recently, we updated our project list from Accelo according to instructions and now all of our QBO coding elections AND our independent tagging from Accelo via spreadsheet import are no longer working.

Current QBO Coding options:

As you can see, we should have our COA mapped to Categories and we should see an option for Customers/Projects

Prior to tag update:

As you can see, the COA was mapping to our Categories and we had tagging for Customers/Project and an independent tag for Accelo projects.

Now, AFTER we updated our tagging items via regular spreadsheet import, we see this:

Categories have reverted to standard Expensify categories and we have no places to select Customers/Projects or Accelo project tags

Here is how our tags are configured:

Things we have tried:

Deleting and recreating independent tags

Disconnecting from and reconnecting to QBO (reconnections are successful with no errors - just no implementation of coding options selected in Connection)


It's literally as if Expensify has all of a sudden forgotten to integrate QBO and Accelo into expense tracking even through all of the settings call for them

Help is greatly appreciated.




  • Karisa Latta
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    Hey @merosenb !

    I'm sorry for the trouble here. I took a look at your policy today and it seems just right. Were you able to sort this out on your own since you posted this thread?

    There are a few things I can think of that would cause your Category list to revert to default. If you did disconnect and reconnect with QuickBooks, the cache might have taken longer than expected to update - causing the temporary mix up. Another possibility is if you accidentally set your personal Individual policy as your default expense option. This could have been a mis-click on their the Settings - Policies page or in your user menu list (photo in the top right - "Use this expense policy").

    Every Individual policy starts off with the default categories:

    I think you're back to normal here, but please do let us know if you still see missing data.

  • JTG_Rick
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    Our company is looking at integrating Accelo as a PM tool alongside our current QBO, Expensify applications. We are wanting to see how this integrates but as our tags are set up in QBO, we cannot add a secondary tag in Expensify in order for Expensify to integrate with Accelo. How are you currently setting up your projects tags? How are you using the three of these in tandum?