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New feature: Category and Tag Approvers

Sasha Kluger
Sasha Kluger Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 126 Expensify Team

Our customers frequently request the ability to further customize their approval workflow for various expense approval needs. One of the most common requests is the ability to add approvers based on the category, department, cost center, project, and other similar details. So we're excited to announce that You can now configure category-based approvers and tag-based approvers in Expensify!

This update will allow you to route expense reports to additional approvers based on the category or tag of individual expenses within a report.

To add a category approver:

  • Navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [policy name] > Categories
  • Click "Edit Settings" next to the category that requires the additional approver
  • Select an approver and Save

To add a tag approver:

  • Navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [policy name] > Tags
  • Click in the "Approver" column next to the tag that requires an additional approver

For more information on how to use this new feature, check out Deep Dive: Category and Tag Approvers.