Is there a way to stop my receipts automatically be added to a report once i've taken a photo of it?

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At the moment, once i've taken a photo of receipts, they are all automatically added to a report. However i then need to remove all receipts because i have to submit different reports so i don't want them all on one report. it would be easier if i took a photo, and then they all are stored in receipt bank. then i would like to manually add them to the reports that i need.


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    I agree. I understand how automatically adding receipts to the last report opened would be useful if, say, someone is on a trip. However, most of the time the trips my employees are on require several different reports. And when they aren't on a trip, it's the same thing - automatically assigning receipts to a report is a real hindrance.

    It makes it especially difficult to use Expensify as a tool for reconciling our company credit cards (that different employees use), because it's time-consuming to have to click into every single report to find where a receipt wound up.

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    Auto-assignment of expenses/receipts to reports is controlled by the Scheduled Submit feature. This feature can be set up under Policy settings or under Account settings.

    The purpose of Scheduled Submit is to gather new expenses and place them on the most current Open report. You can also set a submission frequency to daily, weekly, twice a month or monthly. With Scheduled Submit you won't have to worry about forgetting an expense or the submission deadline! We will automatically submit your reports for you at the designated frequency or keep them open for manual submission.

    Scheduled Submit does not yet work well with multiple open reports since at the moment it cannot distinguish between expenses created for different projects/departments. In this case it would likely be better to turn off the feature. @cjtrcmiv76u8908 if you are on a company policy and find that Personal Scheduled Submit is turned off in your settings, please reach out to your admin about adjusting the feature in the company policy settings.

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