Credit Card Import - Failing to import a CapitolOne card - Error: "...couldn't find account..."

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My company just started with Expensify Premium. Before we moved forward with premium, I tested your credit card import functionality as a free account with a Mastercard and it worked wonderfully.

Since then, my company went with a CapitalOne credit card (because it was on the list of supported cards), and we haven't been able to import any of our cards. We get the following error when we try:

Some things I have tried:

  1. Using incognito mode in Chrome to ensure its not a cookie/caching issue.
  2. Using MS Edge
  3. Calling CapitalOne and speaking with their Technical Support team. He actually watched my login authenticate successfully server side during the import step, but I still received the error. Also note - I have no problem just logging into my normal CapitalOne account. I can login normally to CapitalOne and navigate through my account.
  4. Using the "company card" import and the "personal card" import.
  5. If it wasn't already clear, we tried multiple cards.
  6. If its worth noting, I removed my old personal card and I have no cards imported on my account currently.

Any help would be appreciated,

A hopeful customer.

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @BBrown, thanks for posting! We aren't able to troubleshoot CC import via the Community due to the sensitive information often needed during the process.

    If you haven't yet, can you please reach out to This is the best place to reach the Support Team in a private way, allowing us to share account information and troubleshoot together.

    Some helpful information for when you reach out to would be:

    • The type of Capital One account you're trying to connect,
    • Whether or not you're using individual card logins or a set of master login credentials,
    • If multiple accounts with sub-cards are rolled up under a single set of logins.
    • A link to this thread so you don't need to repeat the information you've already shared.