How do I move people from one policy to another? The old policy had very little control.

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I have created two new policies for our people. One is Sales and the other is Professional Services. They act differently and need different controls. I have done a trial with 6 people from the sales department and need to move several more. The problem I am having is that these people are in both policies. I thought that I could have them finish their old stuff in the old policy and put new stuff in the new policy and it has put all their stuff in the new policy. How do I move expenses from the new policy to the old policy. I am intending to move 20 people and would like to reduce the chaos.

The professional services group will be moving March 1 and will have some carry over as well. Is there a date field that I can make them active?



  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @Pattims The Policy that expenses are under depends on the Policy selected on the Report. Any Open or new reports will need to use the new Policy, if the users were removed from the old one.

    You will likely want the users to submit all relevant expenses under the old Policy, and then remove them and add them to the new Policy.

    There is no date to make them active, but if you export to CSV from the people page on the old policy, and get that CSV ready, you can quickly add them to the new Policy when the time comes. And you can select multiple and 'Remove' on the old policy.

    I recommend you give the users a date whereby they have to have the old policy's expenses submitted. As long as they have submitted, you can remove them from the old Policy and should not encounter any issues.

    Alternatively, you can have them on both policies for a crossover period, but they will need to be vigilant about what Policy they select on their reports.

    Feel free to come back to me if you have any further queries about this. 😀