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Report (Parent) Assignment of Fields that Cascade to Expenses

ReedReed Expensify Customer Posts: 2

Problem - at the expense level, we have to select the projects, customers and locations fields for each. On a given project, these fields are almost always the same and we would like these to be defaulted

Objective/Proposal - My colleagues and I are looking for a more streamlined way to assign the project, customer and locations at a Expense Report level or even to assign it at the profile level (that way we can change those fields as we shift to other projects), so that it automatically applies those selections to any expense that we add to the report. For example, if the report or user profile can have a setting to make default field assignments on expenses added to those reports, then we will only have to make selections for the exception, not the rule.

I understand there is functionality within the current settings to apply this at a merchant level, but we would only have a couple standard merchants (ex. Airfaire and hotel) that we could leverage your recommendation for – the others are quite variable.

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