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  • mynCPA
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    Our sync has never created any of the transactions described in 3 and 4. And as a result, we're not able to match and clear transactions against our bank feed.  Any ideas on why this is not working?
  • Zany Renney
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    Hey there @mynCPA
    Would you mind writing into Concierge so that we can understand a bit more context around the difficulty you are having? 
    When you say it 'isn't working' it would be great to hear what the expected behaviour is and how your experience is differing?
    If you are receiving any error messages in the sync, please also screenshot those and send them in.
    Thanks so much, looking forward to hearing from you so we can get this sorted!
  • mynCPA
    mynCPA Expensify Customer Posts: 10 Expensify Newcomer
    I'm so frustrated with the lack of help on the issue we have been experiencing.  Something is not set up right with how Expensify publishes Expensify Card purchases in QBO, which is preventing us from matching bank drafts (Expensify drafts for Card purchases).

    A brief explanation of our issue:

    We're having a difficult time clearing bank transactions for Expensify card debits. What is the best way to determine what all was included in a debit from Expensify on a given day?  For example, I have a debit of $3,672.85 on 1/9/2020. How do I determine what makes up this amount? When I look at the Reconciliation Dashboard for this day, I see Imported totals of $3,305.24, Unapproved Total of $20.32 and Approved total of $3,284.92 and none of these match to the amount debited.

    When I initially reached out regarding the issue, I was told that we were meant to have access to Expensify Card statements and that an engineering issue was created to see why.  Nothing since and it's been at least 2 weeks.

    When I wasn't getting anywhere with the Expensify card statement remedy that was proposed, I started reading more about how Expensify publishes card transactions in QBO.  Upon reading 'Deep Dive: Expensify Card and QuickBooks Online Auto-Reconciliation: How it works' https://community.expensify.com/discussion/4848/deep-dive-expensify-card-and-quickbooks-online-auto-reconciliation-how-it-works, I realized Expensify was not creating the entries described in this process.

    As a result of this, we can't clear our Expensify card bank drafts and thus can't reconcile our December statement, which is delaying our ability to close.  I just don't understand how this issue is not being fixed or why I'm not getting a reasonable explanation and ETA if things are not functioning the way they're supposed to.
  • April Bekkala
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    Hi @mynCPA - I see that you have written into Concierge so that we can work with you 1:1 and allow for more details regarding your specific issue.

    I'll let that conversation continue there so that we can discuss specific account details with you!

  • ShawnKocher
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    This Expensify card has created a MESS in our accounts. The lack of willingness by Expensify to actually talk to a human being is frustrating and kind of unbelievable. The "Concierge" is a joke. The automatic reconciliation does not occur. The "clearing" accounts don't clear. Maybe posting something in this forum will get a response. I've attempted to identify Board members and email them about the issue as well.

  • LaurenR_Expensify
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    Hi @ShawnKocher - really sorry to hear something has gone wrong here. It looks like you've made contact with the team at concierge@expensify.com, so hopefully we can get this resolved directly there. Thanks for your patience!

  • mynCPA
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    I agree that Expensify is not creating Expensify card transactions in QBO as described in 3 or 4 above. Maybe this was rolled out before all the bugs were worked out. Expensify is a great tool for expense reimbursement, but the Expensify card has created a MESS in our books and no one is reacting with any sense of urgency.

    If you can jump on a zoom call for sales, you surely can jump on a screen share call when the same customer experiences issues that prevent them to close their books.

    I would not recommend the Expensify card to any company and will share our experience with the accounting community so that they don't end up looking in incompetent in the eyes of their clients.

  • JSoltani
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    edited February 2020

    I am trying to close my January books and cannot. I am running into the exact same issues mynCPA. If we cannot identify the individual transactions that match what expensify is pulling from our checking account, then there is absolutely no way for us to reconcile. We can only assume then without perfect clarity that Expensify is pulling more money than they should be and that these pulls from Expensify are unlawful or fraudulent... since they cannot provide us with clear detail for their daily settlement amounts. I've gone through every option and every page, even the reconciliation dashboard does not match what expensify is pulling.

    Expensify has only a very short amount of time left before I completely walk away from the platform and the credit card. I will also be adding this to my horror stories to accounting discussion groups in the industry.

    Additionally, if 100% clarity is not given for the amounts Expensify is taking from our account, I may have to call a lawyer or submit a formal complaint.

  • Cortney Ofstad
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    Hi @mynCPA and @JSoltani — sorry for any hassle that this has caused! For your Expensify Cards, I recommend reaching out to our dedicated Success team with your account details. This will allow the to troubleshoot your specific use cases to find a solution to make this process easier for you.

    Also, to clarify on phone and video support, the initial call that customer's may receive for setting up their Expensify account is a one-time exception. Beyond that, Expensify does not offer phone support, and we have more information on our support methodology can be found here.

    I apologize again for any hassle, and if you have any other questions or need anything else, please let me know.