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I have a novel idea! What if your customer service representatives actually answered and helped your customers! And not leave your customer to just figure things out by themselves. Like maybe when things go wrong you could actually answer your chats and questions so that your paying customers can continue to use your service smoothly. I guess that is a foreign concept to your team. I am so fed up with waiting for answers. I don't have the TIME to waste on waiting for your customer service representatives to NEVER respond. So then my users are upset and I look bad. Do you want your company to look bad? Because that is what is happening. Stop focusing all on your card and please revamp your customer service. We want LIVE PEOPLE. Two of my recent requests either were not answered until 6 days later or just never answered at all.

February 17

Please check report ID 57569701 on our account. The employee has stated that he has NOT yet gotten his reimbursement, even though the money was already taken out of the company bank account. Why is this? Can you look into this? We have already had the employee check his banking information.

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February 18

Hi, have you had a chance to look into this?

February 19

Nevermind - don't bother

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