How-to: Connect multiple company cards ~ combine them under one login

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Adding a credit card to your Expensify account to import transactions is a pretty straightforward process, but if you have multiple card accounts, the process can become less intuitive.

This article will explain how you can add multiple credit cards to get your transactions imported to Expensify quickly!

For anyone who has already connected one card to import transactions - 

  • Have you added a second card and both don't stay successfully connected?
  • Are you trying to add another card of the same type and having trouble?
  • Do you have multiple cards from the same provider such as Chase or Wells Fargo?
  • Do you have company cards and each user has their own card added under their personal settings?
  • Do you have multiple company card accounts from the same provider with unique usernames and passwords and only one domain?

All of these scenarios are addressed here - in these examples I will use Chase as the bank in question although the rules are the same for all bank accounts.

First - a technical detail to keep in mind related to card connections. You can have multiple card accounts imported to Expensify as long as you have multiple domains. If you only have one domain, you will be able to import a single set of cards tied to a specific connection/bank.  Domains are linked to employees, whose email addresses end with that specific domain name where you can add cards for those users.

Next - about our connection. Our recently updated connections provide a dependable secure link to easily import transactions. The connection is established a bit different from our previous connection. Currently, you're guided directly to your bank login page to input your username and password. In turn, the bank essentially converts those details to a "token" or unique ID that says "tie this one Expensify account to this one Chase account".

Now - how to establish a connection with multiple cards. If you have another card also issued from Chase and click to "Import Card/Bank", this will break the previous connection. You'll need to have all the cards under one set of credentials. Adding a second connection will tie this current one Expensify account to this other one Chase account, breaking the previous connection.

Contacting your bank to combine all cards under one set of credentials is the fix for this. You'll be able to log in and add all the cards.

This is the same for multiple cards added under one domain. You are able to add different card accounts to different domains, but not multiple cards with different credentials to one domain.

If you have multiple users with cards connected under their personal settings that are all tied to the same account, this will also break each other connection. With each new connection, you'll be connecting a different unique Expensify account to the same unique Chase account. Adding the cards under the domain settings, then assigning cards to each user is the fix to create a successful stable connection.

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