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This is more a suggestion that a question. I have a personal cc and a work cc that I'd like to use with Expensify. Currently I can add my personal CC through the import function but I cannot add my work CC. I think it would be great to set up two reports with different rules. For example, if I took a picture of a receipt with my camera and it was for my personal card, I could check that box and it would go to my "personal" report. This would also allow me to set up different delivery dates. My personal expenses would be emailed to my approver once a week, where my business expenses would be emailed once a month.


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    Hi @Bmaxwell802! Some of what you're after like separate submission settings for reports and business expenses being added to a specific report can be accomplished by creating an additional Group policy.

    It it mainly sounds like you're looking for a way to direct expenses to a specific report based on the credit card the expense was imported from - that's an interesting idea! While it's not possible to add expenses to a report based on the card type like you're suggesting, I did want to mention that is possible to do based on the merchant name!

    If you're often purchasing from the same merchant, you could create an Expense Rule to always add those expenses to a specific report. For example, if your business phone was issued through AT&T and your business report was called "Business Report", you could create an Expense Rule to add all future AT&T expenses to "Business Report" automatically:

    Creating an Expense Rule is not quite the same as what you're after, but it may help get your expenses on the right reports in the meantime!

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    Lease sent or shipped the card to Liberia on my pbisical address i have alredy submittedp

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    @balance Please reach out to [email protected] for assistance with your card, and we can go from there!