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Two different reports for two different credit cards

Bmaxwell802Bmaxwell802 Expensify Customer Posts: 2

I have a personal cc and a work cc that I'd like to use with Expensify. Currently I can add my personal CC through the import function but I cannot add my work CC. I think it would be great to set up two reports with different rules. For example, if I took a picture of a receipt with my camera and it was for my personal card, I could check that box and it would go to my "personal" report. This would also allow me to set up different delivery dates. My personal expenses would be emailed to my approver once a week, where my business expenses would be emailed once a month.

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Hi! An idea for this feature already exists so this post will be closed as a duplicate. Please head to https://community.expensify.com/discussion/5423/ability-to-separate-reports-by-credit-card and vote there!


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