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Tag upload proven to be broken and customer support not available.

BerndBernd Expensify Customer Posts: 5

Dear customer support who is not managing to read incoming queries with the keywords "critical", "breakdown", "production stop":

Your tag upload is broken and just omits values upon import.

Because of that, our latest update of Projects (tags) to bill against is broken. Therefore we cannot use your service anymore.

Thank you for not even reading this in a timely manner.

In all honesty, just having a bot answer "We are really in trouble with our service, please be patient" would already be an improvement over "13 hours ago, not seen yet".

Also it might really be a great idea to simply categorize inbound tickets by criticality. There is great tools out there which do this out of the box for you - even with sentiment analysis. Just sorting by the customers plan or invoice volume would probably already help.

The last point: If you don't offer phone support or even escalation paths for your enterprise plan customers then at least get some proper SLAs into place. It's not that hard.


  • Katie OswaltKatie Oswalt Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 151 Expensify Team

    Hi there, @Bernd ! Thank you for your message. I sincerely apologize for the time that you've been going back and forth with us here. Just for transparency, it might be worthwhile to bookmark our status page where we do note our known delay in our replies to customers, as well as on the banner at the top of the screen in the Community here. I'll make sure to pass along your feedback that this would be useful directly in our messenger as well--we're constantly trying to make improvements to the Concierge chat experience, so this is a great thought!

    Also note that we do certainly have a prioritization system in place, but it currently does not pull specific words to place one conversation higher than another.

    I have located your chat and it appears that there might be an issue with the file type or mapping, as I was able to test it with all values importing as expected. I have just responded and I'd be happy to help work with you through this to find where the discrepancies lie between our tests. We'll make sure to get it sorted for you!

  • BerndBernd Expensify Customer Posts: 5

    Hi Katie,

    thanks for your answer and the follow up through the concierge. As the issue is now confirmed, I hope we can come to a solution this week. I do appreciate the support on this bug even though our accounting team cannot export at the moment and therefore not pay out.

    Nevertheless, I would like to voice that the support delay is really an issue. I offered to adjust my working time to the concierges (as I'm on CET) to get the issue resolved fast and the only response is "Concierge is here for you 24/7".

    Yes, to leave a message that will be answered somewhen. That is in actually quite a cynical and disrespectful statement from your concierge.

    We (Native Instruments) are also running a 24/5 support organization with more than 150.000 Unique Users reading the Knowledgebase and 35.000 uniques getting support per month and I would strongly suggest that Expensify switches to a mode where the customers can directly communicate in a timely manner - even if it's "just" through chat. If the customer offers to be available at any time slot Expensify needs, then it would speed up your resolution time - in return freeing up ressources to make more customers happy.



  • BerndBernd Expensify Customer Posts: 5

    One last comment to the Support Delays. Here the statement from the status page:

    Monitoring - We're experiencing abnormally high support volume and you may notice slower than expected response times. We're working as fast as we can to clear the backlog and have approved additional support coverage for non-business hours. Please bear with us and we'll update this status when we are back to normal.

    Feb 12, 20:33 UTC

    and have approved additional support coverage for non-business hours

    Do you realize that the word "non-business hours" implies that there is no 24/7 support?

    So, just be clear and transparent about your support hours, customers will understand and accept it - if it's urgent, people will adjust their hours.

  • BerndBernd Expensify Customer Posts: 5

    Hi again,

    Thanks for the flexibility on fixing the issue of the upload through the backend for our policies!



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