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I have a questions about tags API.

More specific about getting tag groups via API.

There is no parameter to indicate, if this tag group is required or not, when pulling the tags with policy getter.

It has only name, externalID and tags for the tag group.

But when writing back the tags you can use the "setRequired" field, that can be true or false.

My main concern is that I wanna add tags to Expensify via API, but I can't use merge, because there is no merge.

So I have to ask all the tags, that are there and add my own tags and group and write them back - basically rewrite.

Unfortunately I can't decide if the other tag groups were required or not.

Is there a possibility, that "required" parameter can be added to tags getter also?

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  • Lauren SchurrLauren Schurr Expensify Team Posts: 67 Expensify Team
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    Thanks for writing in, @AinsaOli! What you're requesting isn't currently possible with the API. However, I can see how this would be useful, so I'm going to move this post into the Ideas category. That way other users can vote for this feature request.

    Make sure to vote for your own idea above!

  • AinsaOliAinsaOli Expensify Customer Posts: 2
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    Hey Lauren,

    I understand your answer, but on the other hand.

    We are building integration with Expensify and when we don't have that data in API response, we will mess up the native integrations (Xero, QuickBooks) and the tag groups that are already in the use in Expensify.

    It seems more like a bug rather than a feature.


    QuickBooks is connected and the contacts come as a tag from there and are added as a mandatory field. Every time when contacts are synced, it will update the groups so that it will stay as a mandatory field.

    We will ask for all the tag groups, add our owns and wanna update the whole list, but don't know that contact is mandatory and write it as not mandatory.

    The people adding the expenses see that it is not mandatory and don't add it anymore.

    When the fault is discovered the group is changed mandatory, but with each sync, our system will overwrite the current parameter.

    So the mandatory logic will be unusable then...

    You allow to overwrite some fields, but you are not returning those values while asking those from the API?

    I hope there is a way to get this data to API that allows us to actually use the tags so that it won't mess up all the existing tags for the users...

    Kind regards,


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