Expensify-NetSuite Help with Credit Card/Cash Transactions showing on same expense report

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Hello! We have two different payable accounts in NetSuite: Accounts Payable and Credit Cards Payable. What we have attempted to do is have Expensify manage our credit card payments being automatically placed in NetSuite. The issue, however, is that I cannot figure out a way to segregate out the credit card transactions from the cash transactions (usually mileage) since they all show up on a single expense report for our employees. This causes both of our payables to be slightly off (some CC transactions hit AP, some cash transactions hit CCPayable). Anyone have a similar setup that could advise how they handle this? Would it be better for us to have every single expense show as a single expense report?



  • kdearixon
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    Do these transactions come into Netsuite as a Vendor Bill, Expense Report or Journal Entry?

    We have both our reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses set to come in as Expense Report in Netsuite. On the Expense Report form in Netsuite, you can then set field "Account for Corporate Card Expenses" (if you don't see this field, you will need to unhide it on the Expense Report form) to be Credit Cards Payable so your credit card charges go against this account. (I think your Credit Cards Payable code will need to be set as Credit Card type in the Chart of Accounts for it to work). The reimbursable expenses will go to whichever code you have selected in the Advanced Sync Options on your policy in Netsuite, which you would set to Accounts Payable.

    We have many expense reports load in that have both reimbursable and non-reimbursable, and this method drives them to the correct payable accounts by type.

    Here's a short article on it. https://community.expensify.com/discussion/4181/you-can-now-use-netsuite-expense-reports-for-non-reimbursable-corporate-card-expenses

  • Will_at_ATI
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    We have reimburseable expenses set to export as expense reports, and non-reimburseable expenses (which could be our CC transactions) to export as vendor bills. I just looked at our domain control, and saw that our CCs were not set to export to Credit Cards Payable by default, so I updated that. I wonder if this will solve the issue, and allow non-reimbursable expenses to flow to the CC Payable, and reimbursable expenses to flow to the AP account.

  • Nicole Trepanier
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    @Will_at_ATI There is another option that NetSuite released last year. It's their corporate card expenses feature. What this does is exports both reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses to the same expense report. Reimbursable expenses will be applied to the payable account selected in your subsidiary while the non-reimbursable expenses will be checked as corporate card expenses and will be applied to the credit card account selected at the subsidiary level or individual cards set at the employee level.

    This option makes for a much cleaner export as vendor bills have a sticky payable account and there is no option in Expensify or in NetSuite to select a default account. It will always use the last selected accounts payable on a created vendor bill in NetSuite.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about this.