How do I edit an expense that another user created?

Trish Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer
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How do i edit expenses in a report i havent created?


  • Conor Pendergrast
    Conor Pendergrast Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 175 Expensify Team

    Hey Trish,

    That depends on your role in the policy, and the status of a report. In general, if you're a Policy Admin, you can edit any Open reports.

    If the report is Processing, and you're the next approver, you'll be able to make any edits too.

    Once the report is Approved, you'll be able to edit the report. Finally, if the report is Reimbursed, you'll be able to make any changes that don't affect the reimbursable values of the report.

    Does that make sense here? Are you seeing a report that you can't edit at the moment, and can't tell why this is?