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We have been using Expensify for 3+ years and have always had issues with the integration of our Chase Business Card. Recently their was supposedly an improvement in how the expenses are rolled into each persons account. Unfortunately we are experiencing broken links on a weekly basis. Is anyone else having this issue and if so have you been able to resolve the problem? I'm getting very tired as the administrator fixing everyone's broken links.

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  • Conor Pendergrast
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    Hey @shelly_farmer , sorry to hear you're having trouble here: but I do have really good news. I can see exactly why you're needing to do this manual work. Right now, it looks like you are individually importing your Chase cards into individual accounts.

    Chase doesn't allow connecting more than one individual Expensify account to a Chase account, which means that this will not work correctly for you - and that's not something that we'll be able to fix.

    However: you instead should assign out your cards via your Domain. That will allow you to manage your Chase cards the way they are designed to be managed in Expensify: via that Domain.

    I'd recommend you follow the steps in this post to get that set up (you'll need to get each user to remove their individual card connections via Settings > Account > Credit Card Import), and then I'd also recommend you look at Reconciliation Dashboard overview to get an idea of how you can use that new superpower!