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Understanding Expensify User Access Levels

MichaelBMichaelB Expensify Customer Posts: 1

We are new to Expensify and we are unsure of what access levels we would need and therefore the cost of Expensify for our business.

We have multiple staff whom will be submitting their receipts and invoices (primarily by photo images from mobile devices) and we have 1 Accounts Payable Officer who will need to oversee the General Ledger Account Allocation and downloading reports to writeback into our ERP (because our ERP doesn't integrate with Expensify).

So does that mean we would need the following setup:

1x Control User Pricing

#x Collect User Pricing

Also, we are considering also implementing the Expensify Card for staff to incur expenses for the business in a more efficient way as we currently have a manual process involved with multiple bank accounts (one for each location in our organisation).

Is there a way to setup multiple billing bank accounts for Expensify depending on how they are to be used? For instance each Expensify Card having their own bank account or having a structure as follows:

4x Expensify Cards to Bank Account 1

4x Expensify Cards to Bank Account 2

4x Expensify Cards to Bank Account 3

4x Expensify Cards to Bank Account 4

1x Expensify Cards to Bank Account 5

1x Expensify Cards to Bank Account 6

1x Expensify Cards to Bank Account 7

1x Expensify Cards to Bank Account 8


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