How-to: Set your Time Zone for the Report Comments

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Wherever you are, we’ll be time-stamping your report actions in your time. This way, you’ll be able to have a better sense of when submissions or approvals happened!

Setting your time zone in Expensify is super easy and goes on to time-stamp the report actions you take in the comments section of the expense report you're viewing.

You can either set a static time zone manually, or we can trace your location data to set a time zone automatically for you.

To set your time zone, head to Settings > Account > Preferences > Time Zone and check Automatically Set my Time Zone, or uncheck the box and manually choose your time zone from the searchable list of locations: 

When you add a comment to a report, the report actions are in your time!

When you use the Generate PDF feature of the report window, the Time Zone that is applied is that of the report submitter:

Other than in the scenario shown above, note that your time zone influences your report's comments only and, unless you’re a Copilot, you can’t set another user’s time zone for them.

Search the Community and ask a question, or reach out to Concierge if you need more information!

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