How-to: Save manual company card import layouts

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When uploading your company card files in Domain, you have the option to save your layouts to quickly upload files in the future.

How to make and save a layout

  • Download an OFX, CSV, or XLS file from your online bank account,
  • Log into Expensify using your preferred web browser,  
  • Head to Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Company Cards,
  • Click Upload Spreadsheet,
  • Configure your spreadsheet layout settings including account name and the date format.
  • Save and upload your file, then you're done!

The next time you upload a file, you can choose your layout from the Saved Layouts dropdown, or create and save another!

File formatting tips

  • Card number filled to 16 characters with Xs (e.g. 534621XXXXXX1234)
  • Amount column(s) must be in number format (not currency format and no currency symbols)
  • Currency column(s) uses currency code (e.g. USD, GBP, EUR)
  • Date column(s) uses YYYY-MM-DD format.
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