Expensify Password

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I have submitted a receipt for the SNAP reimbursement. It is currently "waiting for Expensify.org Volunteer to approve these expenses." In my Inbox I am still asked to add my banking information, Which I have done several times and it is goes to a screen stating "Your account has been successfully linked to Expensify." At this point there is a "continue" link which when selected takes me to a screen requiring my "Expensify Password". I was never asked to set up a password because I log in to Expensify by linking to my Google account. (Google and Bank passwords do not work in this space) I have been unable to locate an area on the Expensify website or app where I can add a password. I see others have had the same issue, but no answers have been provided.

Is this a necessary step in receiving the reimbursement? If so, how can I set up the required password?