I have read the instructions, joined Hunger.org, linked my bank acct, and scanned my receipt, but I

I have read the instructions, linked my bank acct, joined hunger.org, and scanned my receipt, but I don't believe it went through correctly. Is there a way for you to check? Thank you so much!


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    Btw, I just wanted to say that I am APPALLED at people's behavior on this site! My GOD, PEOPLE!! These people are nice enough to try to put something like this together, and (UNDERSTANDABLY!) they received a HUGE RESPONSE! So, as it explains in MULTIPLE AREAS in this app, THEY ARE DOING THE BEST THEY CAN AND THEY WILL GET TO YOUR RECEIPT ASAP!!! WTF do u guys NOT understand about that!?!? I CANNOT BELIEVE people have the nerve to COMPLAIN about FREE MONEY, and someone TRYING to help them!! I GUARANTEE these are the SAME people that have 8 gallons of milk, 10 cartons of eggs, and 100 rolls of toilet paper and paper towels in their basements right now, while others have NONE! IT'S DISGUSTING....

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