Suggest making it easier to find and properly categorize newly entered receipts

Angie_E Expensify Customer Posts: 8

Hello, I am trying to figure out how to keep new receipts that I enter from getting lost in the bigger batch so that I can categorize them properly and be sure to add descriptive notes.

Is there a way to keep them from categorizing themselves based on what the last one from that merchant was categorized? I need to be able to find them easily by simply using the "uncategorized" filter or something simple like that.

For example, I constantly have receipts from Home Depot that need to be attributed to different categories... :clean & maint", "repairs", "supplies", etc. I also need to separate them out for different properties, but they all just get thrown in together with a ones which I have already attended to manually, and then I have to scroll through dozens of compeleted (but not yet ready to send) receipts to make sure they get categorized properly.