Format specific (Date, Number) requirements for the Description Field

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The Description field in the expense is currently free-text. This is not helpful for any range of expenses where formulas are used to calculate over a range of dates or other attributes.

Use Cases:

1) Hotel Nights - we ask that users input check-in/check-out dates on their hotel receipts. We use this to get an idea of total hotel nights spend over the quarter/period as well as calculate our average cost per night in specific regions.

Problem with the current functionality - As a free-text field, this does not help very much since people can enter whatever they want. A date field (checkin/checkout) option would be great.

2) Odometer readings on company vehicles - we ask users to submit odometer readings after each gas receipt. We use this to evaluate miles driven in a period/month, estimate depreciation on assets. We also are looking at the price of gas over time and measure MPG's for our trucks.

Problem with current functionality - Again, a required free-text field is not helpful (some people literally type "BLANK"), nor does it help when exporting the data - none of it is pivotable; I have to go in and clean up all the rows.

Benefits of Date and Numerical formats: Data can be pivoted. For example, using this I can count the total number of hotel nights by employee to help manage our hotel spend. For mileage, I can use formulas to automatically calculate our fuel use and MPG calculations.

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