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My company has five employees plus myself, and each of us has a company credit card. We use Expensify for our expense reports. I gave our bookkeeper access to our policy as well. She doesn't have a company credit card and doesn't incur any business-related expenses. However, she counts as a user and I am billed accordingly. I would like for Expensify to consider having a way for companies to allow bookkeepers and accountants to access their policies without incurring a billing charge.


  • Ben Fitz
    Ben Fitz Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 117 Expensify Team

    Hi @cjonnum, thanks for reaching out.

    It sounds like your accountant is involved in the creation, approval or export of expenses and reports. Expensify bills based on user activity, where any expense or report action counts as activity.

    So within a given month, if a user's account has taken actions on expenses or a report they’re considered an active user. For example, editing, submitting, rejecting, deleting, approving, commenting on, exporting or reimbursing a report will all count towards activity for the month. 

    If your accountant isn't taking these actions but is still being billed as an active user, can you reach out to with those details? Thanks!