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I have 74 rules... (crazy I know but i run a lot of stuff on my company card for the entire company so it is what it is).

There is a nice note I get in the edit rules page that says "You have multiple rules for the same merchant name" but good luck sorting through 74 of them to figure out what that is.

Specific requests...

1- display the rules wider, so i can see more of them without scrolling

2- allow me to sort them

3- allow me to filter them (similar to how you filter expenses) so i can manage them better.

4- allow me to change the order of their operation (meaning which order your system will process them in - which matters when 2 rules apply to the same expense) This is different than sorting them to edit them.

5 - (I see an idea that covers this in better detail but I already wrote this up so am keeping it in) allow more than one search term for "if the merchant contains" good example Amazon sometimes comes in from Amazon Marketplace or but I want to treat them both the same. (this would definitely reduce the number of rules i have)



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