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kdriscoll Expensify Customer Posts: 8

Hi, I have an Expensify charge from February that is stuck in 'pending' status so the expense cannot be submitted. The charge is complete and Expensify has taken the funds for this purchase. How do we change it from 'pending' so we can complete the expense report and integrate into our accounting software? Or is it the 'retracted' status? If so, how do I change that?


  • Stevie LaFortune
    Stevie LaFortune Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 240 Expensify Team

    Hi @kdriscoll - Here is how pending holds/pre-authorizations behave with the Expensify Card:

    1. A hold/pre-authorization is incurred for an expense and is added to the cardholder's account as a pending transaction.
    2. This transaction is included in the next daily settlement.
    3. When the transaction for the final amount posts, a "credit" for the amount of the hold/pre-authorization will be deducted from the next daily settlement amount.
    4. The pending transaction drops off of the cardholder's account.

    One thing to note is that #3 will only occur once enough spend occurs across the Expensify Cards on your domain to offset the amount. For example, if you had a pending transaction of $100, and then the final amount posted, you would have a "credit" which could be used against your next settlement amount, but this will not process until the amount of your next settlement is greater than $100.

  • kdriscoll
    kdriscoll Expensify Customer Posts: 8

    Thank you for the quick response! This charge has been completed 2 months ago, however. The sale was finalized, the product has been received, so it isn't a hold.

  • Alejandro Paz
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    Hi @kdriscoll

    Thanks for the update! It looks like we'll need to dig in a bit deeper on your issue here. In this case, can you write in to, and reference this post? That way we'll have the context of the issue and troubleshoot more thoroughly.

    Thanks again!