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Dquayle Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Is there a way to turn off the add's that Expensify posts when you log in to approve reports. It takes up a ton of real estate on the screen, and I don't want the CC. We pay a license fee! We shouldn't be getting add too.


  • Matt_Jawlik
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    edited April 2020

    I'm sure by now you've seen the pricing changes. Expensify is employing some seriously strong armed tactics to push you onto their card. Details are fuzzy, intentionally so it seems, but in effect they will eventually charge you an additional $10/user/month until you get on their card. All this to say, expect to see a lot more of these ads until you switch.

  • Karisa Latta
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    Hey @Dquayle

    Are you referring to your Expensify Inbox page or the general login page? The Inbox tasks that show up can be hidden so they stop showing up. Just look for the dismissal action in blue font at the bottom of the task card. The general login page graphics cannot be customized at this time.

    Hey @Matt_Jawlik

    We compiled a really helpful guide here to help folks sort out how the price changes affect their specific subscriptions. Please have a look and let us know if you still have questions.