Quickbooks Online integration duplicate export

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My client has double download issues and posts to the wrong account


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @Symba_2018 - I see you have a couple different threads going about this, let's continue on this one.

    So that I'm clear with instructions, are you seeing that the reports your client has exported to QuickBooks Online are producing duplicate transactions in Quickbooks? If so, can you check the History & Comment section of a report that caused duplicates, and look to see if there are two records of the report being exported?

    A common cause of duplicates is confusion around Auto Sync, which is enabled by default with the QuickBooks Online integration. Auto Sync will trigger export of a report for you immediately after Final Approval is applied to a report. If a report is exported by our system, and the approver also triggers a manual export to Quickbooks, there is the potential for duplicates to be created.

    If your client is using Auto Sync with their QuickBooks connection, they won't need to worry about manually exporting reports after final approval because we'll take care of that for them.