G-Suite Marketplace app and signing in with SAML SSO, password or SAML.

rich2049 Expensify Customer Posts: 7


We've installed the Expensify g-suite marketplace app and have SSO working via the Google Apps.

Question: How do I now enable the "SAML or password flow" on the Expensify login page, where an end user can either enter their Expensify password or choose the SAML option after entering their email (as per the gif under the Signing In with SAML SSO section in the KB https://docs.expensify.com/en/articles/4102-saml-single-sign-on-sso)?

It looks like I need the g-suite IDP metadata to configure this in Expensify, but that's not available in g-suite marketplace app config. Do I have to configure a g-suite SAML app rather than use the Market Place app?