How-to: Format text messages in Expensify

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Sometimes, a comment or sentiment needs to have a little more emphasis or clarity added than what plain text can convey. Report comments now support basic markdown, meaning that you can now italicize, bold or strikethrough keywords or phrases in your comment. You will also be able to add basic hyperlinks (i.e. anything that is obviously a URL, e.g. Let your inner-self express itself!

Formatting Guidelines

Formatting works the same way on both the web and mobile applications, and there are three options to use markdown in your report comments:

  • Bold: Place an asterisk on either side (*bold*)
  • Italicize: Place an underscore on either side (_italic_)
  • Strikethrough: Place a tilde on either side (~strikethrough~)

You can also combine multiple options to really get your point across:

  • E.g. I really, _*really*_, ~_*really*_~ don’t like passionfruit. Or expenses without receipts.

Oh look! It works on mobile _too_!

No changes are needed from your end to enable this. Give it a try on your next comment!