Improved Notifications for Web, Mobile, and SMS

Matt Moore
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Ding! What’s that? A notification from Amazon for that new standing desk I ordered? (Along with everything else I’ve ordered recently...) Oh wait! Cool, it’s improved Notifications from Expensify!

We’ve smartened up how Expensify users are notified about actions in the Report History & Comments

If you’re active, (i.e. logged in and working) on a report on the web and there’s a comment or action on that report, you won’t be notified outside of Expensify. Just as we wouldn’t knock on your door to let you know we’ve posted you a letter, we now only ping your email inbox with a notification if you’re currently offline.

Wait, there’s more! Earlier this year we released changes to our mobile app which allowed you to add comments in real-time to reports, keeping report Submitter and Approver in touch with each other all the time. To add further polish, it made sense to build a more responsive mobile notification system. With each comment, you’ll get an in-app notification when actively using the mobile app, and a Push Notification on your lock screen if you’re outside of it. Just tap it to switch to that page.

And for good measure, we know that some folks love browser notifications, so we’ve built those too. You’ll see these when you’re logged into Expensify, but not on the report page, when a comment or action is posted. It’s a clean sweep! These are enabled by default. If you’d like to disable these, you’ll find that option in your browser settings. Here’s a help page (external) that covers all browsers.

(Those of you with mobile numbers as your Primary Login, we’ll notify you of actions by text, so don’t feel left out, now!) Questions? Ask us in the Community and we'll be happy to help you out!

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