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What is the best Credit Card for Expensify?

tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 540 Expensify Pro
edited August 15 in Integrations

Currently, I'm set up with a corporate card through Zions Bank with a direct feed from Visa to Expensify. This seems to be working well for our situation (20 employees) 1-1.5% cash back and no fees. We usually have about 1.5 million per year spend in the program.

My brother-in-law that has a small business (3 employees) is also currently set up on Expensify. I recommended the small business card through the same bank with the same Visa set up. The bank charges him $50 per month for the direct feed. I pitched a big fit to the bank, but they didn't care.

What card programs are really working well with Expensify and small business? The main issue is that I don't want to have him apply for a program and find out that it doesn't work well or that there fees to connect.

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  • AussiebanditAussiebandit Posts: 415 Expensify Champion
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    Just to put a comment here that our Company (global - 7 countries) uses Bank of America (BAML) and are very happy from an admin point of view and a users point of view. I have to admit that I am not the one see the costs involved of having the feed to Expensify but our treasurer isn't complaining as far as I know. We are a medium sized company


  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 540 Expensify Pro

    Keagan, Thanks for the help here. I've been in touch with Expensify about the issue, but I'm hoping that as more people join the forum that they will have advice that works for them. Maybe we will get lucky and a banker somewhere that wants to do business will join the forum ;)

  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 2,047 Expensify Success Coach

    Just giving this thread a friendly bump to resurface it for additional use cases to help Tyler out.

  • ServiceExpressIncServiceExpressInc Posts: 3 Expensify Newcomer

    Bumping- our company is growing and our current corporate credit card provider is a small local bank. I'm worried about their ability to keep up with our growth from a technology and support standpoint.
    I'd love to hear from other users- who are your corporate credit cards through? How happy are you from an administrative level? How happy are your credit card users?

  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 540 Expensify Pro

    @ServiceExpressInc our credit cards are through Zions Bank. I'm happy from an administrative level since we upgraded to the corporate program from the small business program. I don't use lots of the admin features, but I do create ghost cards from time to time, add new users, and order cards. The direct feed from visa is the key part that I care about and it works fine now that it's set up.

  • BrianSFBrianSF Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

    I hate to dig up an old post, but thought that my experience would be helpful here. I am using the Expensify Corporate Plan and American Express Open Business Cards (US). I am assigning the cards to employees via domain control and the process seems to work reasonably well. The one caveat is that the primary card on the account shows up twice in the list of users - one instance of the card will include transactions across all cards, and the second instance of the primary card will include transactions for only that card.

    We have been looking at changing over to a Visa/MasterCard card issuer for increased payment acceptance, but have been extremely happy with American Express. Although our company cards are billed to a master billing account, American Express prompts each employee during card activation to create an AMEX login or link their new company issued card with their personal login. This is rather annoying, as they should be able to see all of their card activity through Expensify, but isn't otherwise an issue, as they will only be able to see transactions charged to their individual card.

  • Ted PeetersTed Peeters Posts: 182 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @BrianSF - old posts are there to be dug up!

    So that we understand correctly, the issue that:

    American Express prompts each employee during card activation to create an AMEX login or link their new company issued card with their personal login.

    is purely an annoyance with AMEX's process, because you're essentially trying to have the employee's source to locate these transactions be Expensify, rather than AMEX? If so, that's great - but sadly we don't have that much sway with AmericanExpress to have them change those sorts of things!

    I think however, it might be worth delving into the issue around:

    the primary card on the account shows up twice in the list of users

    Is it the case that each user is therefore that you're having to avoid the confusion of which card to Assign to each user, as either could be the (incorrect) parent or the (correct) employee card?

    *This isn't exactly expected, so if I've understood correctly - we'll have a look at your setup and see what we can find!

  • denginedengine Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

    This is the 2nd company I've worked for where we put our Expensify roll-out on hold due to the inability to connect credit card transactions. In both instances we were not big enough for a commercial feed. We just switched to Chase in February and have had issues getting Direct Connect set up, only to find out that Chase stopped supporting it without a bank account as well. Not sure I can go through another credit card provider change...

  • KristaKrista Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

    I got a chase card in February, it took some work, but was able to link it to Expensify. Got another chase card last month and apparently they've turned that feature off unless I get a checking account. Ridiculous! Charge me a fee, fine, but I don't want to change my banking strategy to do this, so it's another new card and I'll cancel the old one. No point in staying with them if they are going to be so unfriendly to small business.

  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 2,047 Expensify Success Coach

    @dengine and @krista, thanks for sharing the frustrations with Chase. We were not informed of their new requirements for Direct Connect until after they changed their policy, but we are currently in talks with Chase to see if we can ease this frustration for our customers.

    If I hear any good news coming from our talks, I'll be sure to update you both in this thread. Again, I'm so sorry that you're in this position and faced with the prospect of changing cards.

    I hope to be back with news soon!

  • denginedengine Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

    Thanks. If we had known, we would have changed to Capitol One or another card. At this point, we just can't make another change. And definitely do not want to open a Chase Bank account in order to have Direct Connect.

    Please keep me in the loop. Thanks!

  • vyassameervyassameer Posts: 7 Expensify Newcomer

    Hi, I just cancelled my Chase Ink Business since I didn't want to open a checking/saving acct with them (been using BofA for years). Previously I used Delta AMEX for years but that is not appropriate for me anymore. Does Expensify work with Alliant Credit Union? https://www.alliantcreditunion.org/bank/visa-signature-card#features?subid=58fe34b30eda461da3a205f68e317514 they have 3% cash back which I'm excited about.

  • cwatkinscwatkins Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

    We just ordered a Chase card only to find out about needing a deposit account with them. Capital One requires the same thing. Does anyone have a credit card synced to Expensify that does not require opening up a checking/savings account as well?

  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 540 Expensify Pro

    @cwatkins, I know that AMEX does not, but that may not be a good fit. Just to clarify, are you talking about a personal card, small business card, or commercial card?

  • cwatkinscwatkins Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

    @tylerzoll we are looking for a small business card. Why is AMEX not a great fit, have you had a bad experience with them?

  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 540 Expensify Pro

    @watkins, I don't have any experience with them. I just have users that go to Costco a couple times a month and in some other places they aren't as accepted as Visa or MasterCard.

  • jeffyentisjeffyentis Posts: 3 Expensify Newcomer

    I'm a new Expensify user and just tried to link my Chase Business Ink cards to Expensify. Chase refuses to support this integration and told me flat out that they will not support Expensify. I'm considering moving to Amex but have the same issue as an earlier poster where we use Costco frequently. Are there any Visa/MC issuers that will integrate with Expensify without paying a fee for the data transfer or without opening an account?

  • RobynDRobynD Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

    I am having the same problem with Chase not connecting to Expensify (in September 2018). Apparently Chase changed some policy in April 2018 which caused Chase to no longer sync with our expense reporting software (which was Concur) Now we're finding out that it wasn't a problem with Concur but a problem with Chase. We have a business credit card and Chase checking account. Even after activating the feature that allows Chase to connect with third party expense software, I still can't manage to connect it. Chase says they do not "support" integration with anything other than Quicken and Quickbooks but that doesn't mean it's not possible to connect other third party software. I just haven't been successful yet.

  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 2,047 Expensify Success Coach

    As a reminder, we don't troubleshoot credit card import issues in the Community. When troubleshooting an import failure, we often have to ask for account specific or sensitive information that we'd never want you to share publicly. Because of this, I'd encourage you to reach out to [email protected] and detail the error message you're receiving as well as the steps you're taking leading up to the message. If you've already tried any troubleshooting steps, be sure to share those as well.


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