FAQ: Troubleshooting company and personal card import issues

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I just changed something and it's not showing up in Expensify--why?

Each evening we retrieve posted (not pending) expenses for your connected bank account and automatically add them to your Expensify account. Because banks only post expenses once per day, repeatedly updating your card in Expensify will not bring in any more transactions, and could cause your automatic updates to be delayed (given we won't automatically update your card overnight if you manually update it during the day). 

Why did my card stop importing expenses?

The most common reason is something about your card changed (online banking username or password, card number, new card issued, etc.).

Your first step should always be to head to Settings > Your Account > Credit Card Import and click "Fix card" to resolve the issue, or Settings > Domain > [Domain Name] > Company Cards for centrally-managed cards. If there is no "Fix" button, you may need to add your card again from scratch.

Why can't I connect my card?

First, ensure that the credentials you're using are the same credentials you use to login to online banking. Also ensure you're using the correct connection (the easiest way is to actually type in your online banking URL [e.g., americanexpress.com] as opposed to 'American Express') for your card/account. Then, check the other FAQs and known bank issues below. If none of these cover it, contact us.

I was trying to connect my card and was locked out--can you remove that lock so I can try again?

Because this lock is only put in place when incorrect online banking credentials were entered too many times, it is for security purposes and cannot be removed. You'll want to ensure your online banking credentials are accurate with your bank. If you feel this is happening incorrectly, check the other FAQs and known bank issues below. If none of these cover it, contact us.

How do/Can I connect [insert bank here]?

Follow the steps here! If your bank is not listed, you'll want to fast-track to our our company card or personal card spreadsheet import method.

Why did it say "Account not found" when I tried to connect?

The bank is telling us they cannot find the account you're trying to connect. If you feel this is happening incorrectly, check the other FAQs and known bank issues below. If none of these cover it, contact us.

Why did my bank tell me they don't support Expensify?

Despite being the fastest-growing ERP, it's most common for banks (particularly customer service reps) to not know what Expensify is, so they will simply say they don't support [insert service here]. If your bank is listed, we support it!

Why did it say "Account not set up" when I tried to connect?

The bank is telling us that your account is not set up for this type of access. You'll want to login to online banking with your bank and ensure everything is set up and you use online banking regularly. If you feel this is happening incorrectly, check the other FAQs and known bank issues below. If none of these cover it, contact us.

Why did it say "Account not supported" when I tried to connect?

The bank is telling us the account you're trying to connect is not supported. This may happen if you're using, for example, an American Express UK card, but are using the American Express US connection, so ensure you're using the correct connection with respect to your locale. If you feel this is happening incorrectly, check the other FAQs and known bank issues below. If none of these cover it, contact us.

My bank username is greyed out in Expensify, how can I update my connection and/or assign new cards?

For context, some bank connections can only ever handle one username per instance. If that's the case for your bank, before you can update the bank username in Expensify and update/fix the connection, or assign new cards to users in the Domain, you will need to follow a few steps. 

We recommend that you submit all of the Open reports in your account, then entirely remove all cards linked to that connection. You can start a new connection after that, and move forward normally. You can also choose a new Transaction Start Date (for cards imported in the Domain), to avoid importing duplicate transactions that were already imported under the previous card connection.

Previously, Expensify allowed multiple users to sign-in to the same account with different credentials to assign cards from the Domain. However, this caused multiple errors and resulted in some cards failing to import up-to-date transaction data, where others, on working credentials, were fine. Now, if you ever need to update a "Username", you'll need to remove the existing connection and re-add it completely. 

To do this, you must unassign all cards. After refreshing the page, this will remove the existing connection where you can search for your bank connection and re-try with the now correct sign-in credentials. 

Important, please note that unassigning cards from the Domain will completely remove imported transactions for these cards that have not yet been submitted (i.e. currently in the Open or Unreported state). Before you remove any connected card, please make sure all the imported expenses are added to a report and the report is submitted for approval.

My expenses are missing for a certain date range, but I'm getting recent transactions from the bank now.

If your expenses/receipts appear to be missing, try adjusting the Filters on the Expenses page. Expenses can be found based on a variety of filters including date, report status, submitters and more.

If that doesn't solve the issue, you can update your card and pull in any outstanding posted transactions by heading to Settings > Your Account > Credit Card Import page of your web account, and clicking on the Update button. Please note that Expensify is unable to pull in pending charges. 

If the card was imported through the Domain, the Domain Admin can access the card by clicking on Settings > Domain > [Domain Name] > Company Cards > click on the blue cog and click Update to try and pull in these transactions for each card.

Why is the date of the expenses incorrect?

In most cases, banks provide us the posting date and not the sales date for your expenses. The posting date is the date that the money was officially taken out of your account. This is usually one day after the sales date, but in extreme circumstances it can be up to 5 days later. Delays are often caused by a merchant falling behind on adjusting the final expense amounts before submitting those amounts to their credit card processor.

I'm looking for expenses before a certain date but I can't find them!

When you first import a card, Expensify can only import a set amount of historical transactions depending on card/account type. Expensify will pull in the last 30-90 days based on bank type. Any historical expenses beyond that date range would need to be imported using our company card or personal card spreadsheet import method.

Help! I'm seeing duplicate expenses!

If you're seeing duplicate expenses, you may have accidentally imported your card twice.

The first step in troubleshooting this, navigate to your Settings > Your Account > Credit Card Import and confirm that your card is only listed once. If the card is listed twice, go ahead and delete it.

Important, before you delete a duplicate card, all the unapproved expenses from that transaction feed will be deleted. All transactions associated with the remaining card will not be affected. 

You might also be seeing duplicate expenses if you have recently deleted and re-added an importing card. If that’s the case, this could have created duplicate transactions for any expenses previously submitted.

My bank isn't on your list. How do I get it added to the list?

We add banks to our list of those that support a direct connection based on demand. If Expensify doesn't have a direct connection to your bank, we suggest using our company card or personal card spreadsheet import method. If the cards you're trying to import are company cards, it’s possible that you might be able to obtain a commercial feed directly from your bank. Here's more information on our commercial Visa, Mastercard, or Amex options.

How do I connect business/company/corporate/commercial cards? Can I get a direct feed for my these cards?

You'll want to follow the steps outlined on our commercial Visa, Mastercard, or Amex support pages. Whether or not you can get a commercial feed (as opposed to using our built-in connections) is 100% up to the discretion of the bank that issues your cards. Many banks will restrict these feeds to customers with a certain tier of service with them, but it certainly can't hurt to ask! Feel free to contact us with any questions that aren't answered on the linked help pages (be sure to clarify what bank issues your cards, and if it is Visa, MasterCard, or American Express cards).

Why does [insert other service's name] work with my cards, but Expensify doesn't?

The broad answer to this question is that Expensify simply uses a different method of connection than those services (and other services may have agreements with banks directly). Specifically, we don't bypass any of the security or similar checks put in place by your bank, meaning we jump through more hoops than services which may bypass those checks. Unfortunately, however, this can sometimes lead to issues, which we are happy to investigate!

My company has Scheduled Submit enabled but my card expenses aren't auto-reporting -- why?

  • Do you have your company's policy selected as your default policy? To check this click on your profile picture and check that the company's policy name has a green checkmark next to it. If it doesn't, click on your company's policy name to make it your default policy.
  • Is your card added under Settings > Account > Credit Card Import and marked as a Personal Card? If yes, then click on Settings under the card and check if the Reimbursable toggle is enabled. If it's enabled then expenses from this card will automatically report only if they are matched up with a receipt. If this is a company card and you would like to report all expenses as non-reimbursable, please disable the Reimbursable toggle. Once you do this all of your expenses from this card will be auto-reported.


Contacting Us

First, please read the FAQ (above) and Known Issues article to make sure the issue is not covered there first. 

If what you're experiencing isn't covered there, and you need to reach out to concierge@expensify.complease be sure to include specific information that will help us more quickly investigate your issue. This includes things like: 

  • Specific examples of affected expenses
  • The email address of the user, if it is not your own account
  • A way to identify which card is affected (e.g., the last 4 digits of the card), the name of the bank that issues the card, what type of card it is (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), etc - essentially anything that is pertinent to the issue at hand. This will help us resolve your issue more quickly!

A way to identify which card is affected (e.g., the last 4 digits of the card), the name of the bank that issues the card, what type of card it is (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), etc - essentially anything that is pertinent to the issue at hand. This will help us resolve your issue more quickly!

PLEASE DO NOT SEND US SENSITIVE BANKING INFORMATION! These include, but are not limited to credit card numbers, online banking passwords, and cvv codes. While Expensify will never do anything malicious with this information, and we will scrub it from our systems when it happens, we cannot guarantee the security of the networks over which it will have been sent to get to us. If you have accidentally done so, we always recommend contacting your bank to let them know this information was transmitted over the internet so they can help recommend the next best steps.

Have a question?

  • Feel free to post a general question in our community for all community members to see. You can start a discussion here!
  • Have a specific question about your Expensify account? Please email us at concierge@expensify.com or contact us through the mobile app. We can’t support troubleshooting bank import issues in the public community space.

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