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Violation Reporting

Eric_P Expensify Customer Posts: 4

It would be great to have a report that shows all violations on Open/Processing expenses. This would help companies with multiple Expensify Users to monitor if Expensify users are staying compliant and whether if they need extra training/help.

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  • Christina Dobryzynski
    Christina Dobryzynski Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 245 Expensify Team
    edited May 2020

    Thank you for submitting this idea, @Eric_P! To make sure I'm on the same page, can you help me understand how we can improve our current methods of alerting employees and policy admins to report violations?

    • A policy admin can set violations for a group policy at Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Expenses. When created, the employee will see the violations on their Open reports along with a prompt to resolve them in their Inbox.
    • If the employee elects to submit a report with violations, the reviewing manager will see a prompt to review the Processing report and accept or reject the report.
    • If your company has claimed a domain in Expensify, you can strictly enforce the expense rules for a user Group. When enabled, every rule that has been set for the policy will need to be satisfied before the report can be submitted for approval. If there is a policy violation on an expense, the employee will not be able to submit the report. If this feature is disabled, employees will be able to dismiss policy violation notifications and submit their reports without correcting them.

    Based on these current settings, can you give me a little more detail about what we can improve? Thanks!

  • Eric_P
    Eric_P Expensify Customer Posts: 4

    We have a rule that if an expense is submitted over 7 days from when it is imported in Expensify, it is flagged with a violation. So if User A submits an expense 10 days after it is imported, I want to run a report that shows me the expense as well as the violation it has.

    I want a CSV export formula that would allow me to do that.

  • Rachael Hopkins
    Rachael Hopkins Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 862 Expensify Team

    Thanks @Eric_P - this is something I have on my radar personally!

    Right now, we don't record these in a way that you could report out at all, so it's probably a long way away!