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Expense rules today can automatically set a number of values in the expense, but the attendee list is not one of them. I suggest Expensify add attendees to the values that can be set.


Well, my wife and I both work for the same company. We file a single unified expense report for our on going expenses. I have a couple of rules setup that automatically do things, but then I still have to go back and manually clean up the attendees. For example, there's a rule that matches on the merchant "treehouse" and sets a description ("<my wife>'s tree house account, approved by <her manager>", reimbursable flag to true, and a category for "educational expenses". But we have to manually set her as the attendee, and unset me. There's another case that matches on our ISP, it sets the same three values (and in the past has capped the price, probably will again next time they raise the rates.) Then I have to go in and set the two of us as the attendees.

This manual setting of attendees is of course tedious and error prone. (and potentially hilarious, a few months back I accidentally picked the user above her alphabetically and claimed one of our co-workers from across the country was sharing our home internet one month.) The Concierge bot already does almost all of the work for those expenses, in lite months all I should have to do is rename the ACCUMULATOR report to the appropriate format, review and hit submit... but no, instead I have to slog through all these records changing attendees.... doing work humans are inherently bad at, and machines are (supposedly) good at.

I know we aren't alone in this situation, there are several other married couples in this company alone. And I know a few managers that have recurring charges that cover team members that report to them, similar to the tree house subscription mentioned above.

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