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Deep Dive: How can I estimate the savings applied to my bill?

Ted Harris
Ted Harris Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 335 Expensify Team
edited August 6 in Deep Dive Docs

Alongside subscription and active user pricing, your bill is further discounted based on your adoption of the Expensify Card to maximize the efficient use of Expensify. 

The Expensify Card is the first step to getting the most out of your Expensify service. Bundling the Expensify Card with a Group policy and an Annual Subscription ensures the lowest monthly rate and provides the best experience. Employees have the freedom to purchase items, services, and travel on behalf of their company that they would normally front their own money for, removing the need to wait for reimbursement. In the back office, real-time transactions, daily settlement, guaranteed eReceipts, and SmartLimits make using the Expensify Card an easy win for any team. 

Anyone who uses the Expensify service “bundled” with the Expensify Card will receive a discount, allowing them to continue enjoying the current pricing (so long as the card is used for at least 50% of approved USD spend).

If you haven't already applied for the Expensify Card, you can apply here!

How the “bundle” discount works with our per-user prices for the Control and Collect policies, at $36 and $20 respectively:

This means that a company using the Expensify with the Card under an annual subscription continues to pay just $9 per user per month.

What if we spend less than 50% (USD Spend*) on the Expensify Card?

If your use of the Expensify Card accounts for less than 50% of your total USD spend, then your bill will be discounted on a sliding scale based on the percentage of use. 

If you have not adopted the Expensify Card, you will be charged the full rate for each user, depending on your Plan and subscription.

For example: 

You have an Annual Subscription, and spend 40% of your total approved USD spend on the Expensify card. 

Annual Subscription Discount: 50%

Expensify Card Discount: 20%

You will save 70% total on your bill for that month.

*USD Spend refers to USD transactions on the Expensify Card Approved in any given month, as proportionate to all Approved expenses on USD policies in that same month.

Don’t worry, we’re phasing it in!

To give you time, we’ve slowly phased in the new pricing structure over 12 months, beginning with your May usage (billed on June 1st 2020). This will increase consistently every month, with the first full unbundled fee charged on May 1st, 2021. The change will only affect subscription users when a subscription is renewed. Note: Now that that date has passed, this may help to explain any confusion in any changes to your charges in the last year.

Please note: Any month you have more active users than your subscription, the overage users will be subject to the pay-per-use price and the unbundling fee at its current phase-in-rate.

In real terms, pricing per active user per month will increase by USD$0.83 and USD$1.5 each month for Collect and Control plans respectively. This is prior to any bundled discounts you may have incurred.

To see a full breakdown of all pricing options, visit our pricing page. 


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